Delivery Policy

With 24CoolStuff you can trust that your order will be quickly processed and safely delivered each and every time. When you place an order we will estimate delivery dates based upon the availability of your item(s), shipping method selected and your shipment’s destination.

      Shipping can take anywhere between 10 - 65 days depending on shipping carrier, availability of item and destination. See the list below for general shipping estimates. Keep in mind for some products the shipping times may vary from item to item so be sure and check the product page before ordering to get a good idea of delivery time.

        United States estimated delivery time is 10 - 28 days

        United Kingdom estimated delivery time is 20 - 42 days

        Netherlands estimated delivery time is 20 - 42 days

        Hungary estimated delivery time is 20 - 40 days

        Thailand estimated delivery time is 20 - 40 days

        Australia estimated delivery time is 15 - 40 days

        Greece estimated delivery time is 25 - 45 days

        Ireland estimated delivery time is 25 - 42 days

        New Zealand estimated delivery time is 17-42 days

        France estimated delivery time is 20 - 40 days

        Poland estimated delivery time is 25 - 42 days

        Russian Federation estimated delivery time is 15 - 21 days

        Spain estimated delivery time is 21 - 32days

        Mexico estimated delivery time is 30 - 50 days

        Turkey estimated delivery time is 30 - 42 days

        Czech Republic estimated delivery time is 25 - 42 days

        Kyrgyzstan estimated delivery time is 21 - 42 days

        Italy estimated delivery time is 21 - 42 days 

        Germany estimated delivery time is 26 - 30 days

        Belgium estimated delivery time is 17 - 40 days

        Luxembourg estimated delivery time is 18 - 40 days

        Canada estimated delivery time is 30 - 42 days

        Norway estimated delivery time is 20 - 40 days

        Philippines estimated delivery time is 30 - 42 days

        Israeli estimated delivery time is 25 - 42 days

        Denmark estimated delivery time is 25 - 42 days

        Finland estimated delivery time is 25 - 40 days

        Ukraine estimated delivery time is 30 - 42 days

        Switzerland estimated delivery time is 20 - 42 days

        Sweden estimated delivery time is 20 - 43 days

      To the countries not mentioned we will send you an email or we will send it
      It takes 21 - 60 days

      try to contact you through other means, to tell you the delivery time

      Depending upon what is ordered sometimes you may receive multiple packages for a single order. The reason for this is because we use multiple fulfillment companies located in different regions in order to cut down on shipping and processing times.

      Tracking my order?

      When you're dealing with worldwide international shipping tracking numbers are not always available immediately after shipping so please allow for about 5 - 10 business days after your order has been processed at which time it will be automatically emailed to you. 


      Why is my order stuck in transit?

      Occasionally, orders do get delayed when entered the country. With inspections and customs packages can be stuck for up to 1 - 6 weeks with no updates to the tracking. This is fairly uncommon, but it does happen. If your order is stuck and hasn't moved for several days, unfortunately, there's nothing that can be done to get it moving again, besides simply waiting it out so I thank you ahead of time for your patience.  

      I listed the wrong shipping address by mistake!

      Unfortunately, this is something beyond our control as we us an automated system that copies and pastes exactly what you list as your shipping address. With that, we can not accept any responsibility for customers listing incorrect information. In this situation, I would advise you to contact your post office as soon as possible for guidance.

      Orders that have been "Returned to Sender"

      All customers are responsible for providing an accurate shipping address and monitoring their order(s) while in transit as important updates are often added to the tracking information. I.E. "Delivery failed - package is waiting at the local post office for the next XX days before it's returned to sender."  is not responsible for unsuccessful deliveries to incorrect shipping address provided by the customer on the order page.  is not responsible when customers fail to accept orders or fail to retrieve orders from the post office that are listed as "Unclaimed". With that, no refunds, credits or replacements will be issued in these situations.